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“Together We Achieve More”

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Stewardship Prayer
We give thanks Lord, for you are a generous and gracious God.  Mindfull of all your blessings, we ask you to give us the grade to share your love and the many gifts you have given us.  We pray for all your creation, that through our stewardship, all may be aware of your loving care.  We ask for your pease and protection.
Blessed be God forever!

Back in 2001 St. John Parish boldly visioned and stepped out in faith with the building of a new church because the cost of repairs out weighed the need for a new church.

Many of our people spent countless hours researching and weighing all the facts and reasons to either build or renovate the old church. With the recommendation of the Bishop, it was in the best interest of our parish to build a new church. Many of the beautiful items from the old church were meticulously incorporated into the new church. For example, the priceless stained glass windows depicting the 12 Apostles, the statues, baptismal font, the doors to the Marian Chapel, the Marian Altar, the wrought iron communion rail incorporated into the altar, ambo and the altar of repose just to mention a few. Not only were these beautiful irreplaceable items brought to the new church, but we also maintained the tradition and sacrifices of the early Catholics who built the original churches. Our new church honors their legacy and continues the important ministry of St. John Parish.

This beautiful new church will continue to touch lives and bring the sacraments to so many more Catholics for years to come. That, my friends, is continuing the mission of St. John Parish which started over 130 years ago in 1873, when St. John Parish was established.

We’ve been steadily paying our monthly mortgage from a second campaign.  That second campaign, is quickly coming to an end, and that’s why we’ve launched this campaign we’re calling

“Together We Achieve More”.

This campaign is needed because our parish operating budget cannot support the additional expense of the monthly mortgage payment.

Our goal in this campaign is two fold:

1) We want to raise enough funds to make the regular mortgage payment for the next three years – that equals $252,000, which is also why this is a 3-year pledge campaign.

2) We also hope to raise additional funds to pay on the principal.

It is a lot of money to raise, however,

WE CAN DO IT with PRAYER, WORK, SACRIFICE, These are the Keys to Success.

The success of this program depends on everyone in the Parish. Each must PRAY daily asking God’s Blessing on this effort. Each must WORK with true dedication, towards the goal of Success. To achieve our goal, each must GIVE of his or her financial ability in true Spirit of Sacrifice, reflecting a deep love of Almighty God. The one who will never be out done. 

One of our campaign themes is “not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.”

The challenge to each of us, is to pray about what a

true sacrificial gift will be for me.

Over the next few weeks, each of us is asked to:
- Carefully read the literature that will be sent to our homes.
- Reflect on our individual blessings from God
- Pray about what our individual SACRIFICIAL pledge will be.


continue to pray for the success of this important campaign we’re appropriately calling,

“Together We Achieve More.” Thank you for your attention.